Protect your company’s brand or personal name from inaccurate content and bury it to the second page or further. People should only find information on the first page that is truthful and accurate. Our services are aimed at pushing down any inaccurate content and pushing up any positive or neutral content that pertains to you or your company. 92% of visitors stay on the first page for any given search term. This means its highly imperative to have a first page with no inaccurate content.

Algorithms are consistently changing, therefore strategy and resources are changing as well. Tackling inaccurate content with outdated or blackhat strategies will only cause more harm than good. We’ll deploy a marketing campaign to promote your existing content while creating new content using only search engine friendly tactics and avoiding penalties. Only tested and current strategies are used to ensure that your results stick.

Our services are provided on a monthly basis or a flat rate. Please visit our pricing section here to learn more details.